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I.F. Inovação Financeira, Lda. was founded in 1988 by a group of university professors and business executives. We offer services in the areas of strategic and business consulting, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and taxation. We provide technical support for business decisions, helping to interpret companies’ competitive surroundings, to perceive the main changes and trends in the national and international economy and to carefully define strategic positionings.

Our team have extensive know-how and accumulated experience in different sectors of the economy, namely in Agroindustry, Education, Engineering and Construction, Healthcare, Fashion, Information Technologies, Communication and Electronics, Tourism and Leisure, among others. I.F. is a strictly independent company and its capital is fully owned by its executives. We are committed to our values and to the continuous improvement of our own resources and competences. We have invested in the development of strong partnerships with owners and managers of companies, always focused on the definition and execution of sustained, value adding strategies.


Develop durable partnerships based on strong mutual trust and on the knowledge, competence and experience of our staff.


Each member of our team is guided by firm ethical principles and a goal of continuously enhancing our human and organizational capital according to the following values:

  • Ethics in all behaviors and attitudes
  • Equal respect for all customers
  • Regular training
  • Equal dedication to all projects
  • Equal ambition in all challenges